Love is Tough Enough
Sunday, December 25, 2005
  Christmas Updates
I am having an interesting Christmas to say the least. I am very glad to be rid of AOL and their changing of the message boards to an HTML format while cluttering things up with advertising that makes each page slow to load. When the regulars on the message boards complained vigorously we were ignored. So I voted with my feet and most importantly my money. Since AOL is arrogant enough to keep taking money even after you leave my advice is to do a stop payment on whatever account you use to pay the bill including an unexplained eight extra dollars a month that I tried to get my too busy wife to complain about. I like this action instead of inaction much better. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year holidays to all who visit this cranky older man who still manages to Celebrate God's Greatest Gift and message of love.
Thursday, December 22, 2005
  Making Major Changes
I got rid of my old template and haloscum because they were both inadequate. I am going to try this set up for now. My apologies for all the changes and loss of comments in the past. Such is life.
BTW I no longer have AOL because they were worse than inadequate they are liberal NAZIs who should lose even more customers.
Friday, December 16, 2005
  Journals of Life
Who am I? I am alive and that is enough to start with. In this country I am supposed to start off with the right to 'Life', Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Post Roe vs Wade I have a one in four chance of not even making it to birth alive. They say the only things sure are death and taxes. Well let me tell you abortion sure is one way to get out of paying taxes. I would say that is a way too extreme way since the child in question just might rather live to pay taxes. Instead the parents of an aborted child pay the sin taxes. The wages of sin is death and there are so many forces set in motion by such a simple thing as sin that humanity has lost the ability to even comprehend the consequences. First Adam and Eve the first couple suffered spiritual death in the loss of fellowship with God and the Holy Spirit. Next they experienced the loss of physical eternal life in that they would eventually die. God created them perfectly and instead they grew old and died. When someone you love dies no matter how old it hurts. Have you ever wondered why? Why the sense of loss? Isn't that the natural way of things? I am here to tell you that no it is not. Dying is not a natural process and that is one reason why we as humans fight it instinctively.
Enough preaching for now. In an update on my SSDI problems. I decided to not worry about that since I have other more pressing and depressing problems that needed prayerful dealing with. Mark has moved back home with his now pregnant girlfriend whom he has asked to marry him. I managed to spend almost all of my money put in my new checking account on rebuilding the swimming pool pumphouse. Yep I got the new door hung and the last of the siding nailed up and painted. In celebration I showed it off to Alex and then rolled us out for a walk to the local taco stand. Alex and I shared with Asher the Chihuahua from our four messy meaty tacos. Alex managed to drink all of his coke and half of mine on the walk back home. Asher just had to suffer until visiting the home water bowl. Not that he was suffering much after managing to eat all the meat that fell out of those tacos. He easily kept up with the wheelchair and prefered to walk rather than ride as he sometimes does. Life is good and I would rather be around to pay more taxes. ==evil grin==

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