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Monday, July 11, 2005
  The List of Charges is so Very Long
Liberal Crimes against humanity that is. The elites of this nation both Republican and Democrat may not ever want to hear this list so I like what Jesus has to say, "Depart from me I never knew you." Cuts right to the heart of the problem in just a few words. Mona Charen writes a book that tells it like it is and I highly recommend reading and taking notes.

Do-Gooders by Charen, Mona Here is a fearless and scathingly revealing guide to the smug Leftist meddlers in politics, the media establishment, and Hollywood who think they know what's best for the poor and other needy Americans - and are willing to cause societal havoc to put their witless theories into practice. From Marian Wright Edelman to John Kerry, from Hillary Rodham Clinton to Rob Reiner, Mona Charen skewers them and their cockamamie ideas in Do-Gooders: How Liberals Hurt Those They Claim to Help (And the Rest of Us).Charen, the popular syndicated columnist and author of the bestseller Useful Idiots, reveals in this book exactly why liberal "thinkers" like Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, Dan Rather, Rosie O'Donnell and others -- less famous but with even more influence on American society -- are dead wrong. She shows how their proposals hurt the very people they claim to be fighting for, as well as the country as a whole. Charen uses the do-gooders' own outrageous words and actions to prove that their schemes to remake society have caused our nation immense harm -- and will continue to do so until these charlatans and fools are exposed for what they are.That's why Do-Gooders is much more than just a tour through the follies of Hillary, Kerry, and Co.: it contains indispensable ammunition for conservatives as they gear up for post-election policy battles.Charen shows you liberal do-gooders at their absolute worst:How Jesse Jackson and other prominent foes of school vouchers send their children to the best private schools money can buy -- and other outrages from the annals of liberal hypocrisy. Why do-gooders defend racial preferences at all costs -- while ignoring the enormous problems they have created for African Americans Caught: how do-gooders loudly proclaimed in the 1990s that welfare reform would hurt the poor -- and still refuse to admit how much it actually helped them. How liberals set up children to fail by steadfastly resisting rigor and standards in education The astonishing reasons why liberal child welfare experts decided that child abuse was not evidence of a moral or character flaw in the abusing parent How liberals spread the falsehood that 2000 voting irregularities in Florida disproportionately targeted blacks -- a fiction that is still widely believed Lies, damned lies, and statistics: Dan Rather and the media establishment's blisteringly dishonest campaign against welfare reform in the 1990s Divorce: how it has been proven again and again to be devastatingly harmful for children -- but liberal do-gooders still refuse to end their assaults on the traditional family How Bill Clinton and other liberal leaders created a fictional epidemic of church burnings in order to tar conservative policies as "racist" he sorry case of Joyce Brown: how liberals at the New York Civil Liberties Union successfully argued that a severely insane woman who screamed obscenities at passersby was exercising her "right" to reject treatment How throwing money at schools does not improve educational performance -- and how liberals steadfastly refuse to consider any other criterion for improving education The shocking effects of the liberal abandonment of discipline and standards in schools -- which are increasingly filthy, dangerous places Al Sharpton: why it's so appalling that this race-baiter and liar is now a respected Democratic presidential candidate How liberal activists have forcibly turned mentally ill people out onto the streets -- making us all that much more unsafe Proven false: the emotionally charged liberal accusation that schools attended by minority students receive less funding than others schools How bilingual education advocates cravenly dismiss mountains of evidence that English-only education improves the performances of all students Marion Wright Edelman: originator of the idea that the welfare state could be made palatable to skeptics by claiming that it was all for "the children" (a theme that liberal demagogues including Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton have taken up with gusto) The 1966 Congressional act that started America's schools down the path to chaos How do-gooders have consistently interfered with efforts to improve policing in dangerous neighborhoods The misguided act of Congress that enshrined faddish liberal thinking about families into law, rather than encourage adoption for children whose parents abused or neglected them One thousand killings by untreated psychotic people each year -- and yet liberals still haven't budged on the "rights" of the "homeless" to stay out of institutions How the education establishment twists American history and libels the Founding Fathers and other heroes of our nation Why prominent liberal Democrats go out of their way to make American blacks feel targeted and despised -- in the face of all evidence to the contrary The shameless character assassination to which Democrats now resort in order to torpedo pro-life judiciary nominees such as Charles Pickering -- with eager help from the liberal media Why now is the best time in decades for Republicans to challenge Democrats successfully for black votes How skyrocketing divorce rates have led directly to skyrocketing rates of child sexual abuse Four things you can do that will virtually guarantee that you will not be poor in America -- and how feminists are in full flight from this reality Why the safest place for a child is with his married mother and father -- a fact that liberal groups consistently avoid mentioning, although it has been established in study after study

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