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Monday, March 13, 2006
  Fetal Farming as the Real Goal?
This Paragraph from a recent article may show what the real goal of many Embryonic Stem Cell proponents really is.
II. “Fetus Farming”: An Alarming Development
In recent years this debate has shifted in an alarming direction:
With the support of groups favoring research cloning, many states are considering (and some have passed) laws that allow placing cloned human embryos in women’s wombs, but forbid any attempt to let them be born alive. Under these laws, researchers can implant cloned human embryos in wombs, develop them to the fetal stage, then abort them for their cells and tissues (a process some call “fetus farming”).
This legislative trend is based on recent scientific evidence suggesting that therapeutic benefits will not be safely obtained from the cloning of human embryos unless such “fetus farming” is allowed.So the attempt to distinguish therapeutic from reproductive cloning has broken down: What was once called “reproductive” cloning (placing cloned embryos in a womb) is being accepted as a necessary part of so-called “therapeutic” cloning. This new agenda has required a shift in definitions. Increasingly, “reproductive” cloning is said to occur only if a cloned human being is brought to full term and born alive. In this way a law can be called a ban on “reproductive” cloning even if its only legal effect is to mandate abortion for any woman carrying a cloned unborn child in her womb.
Wesley Smith also has voiced concern about these very things also along with Robert George. We really will have to be brave to face this new world of horrors science wants to bring to us. Anybody ready to slide down that slippery slope? I am certainly not. Hat tip to the Life Training Blog for putting these articles in context.

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