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Friday, April 28, 2006
  Science needs to avoid corruption. Red Alert
So much for Freedom of Speech! This article exposes an agenda that kills. Another handicapped person is taken advantage of and I am so angry I could spit hot lead and piss napalm. The entire article is at the link. Thanks James P Kelly and next time have a trained gorilla(or is that guerilla) like me watching your back. You will get to have a rational talk or they will have to kill me.

The 'stem cells and cloning' debates suddenly became far more complex than "religion versus cures." Because my medical condition was being used to mislead the Senate, I felt used and betrayed. However, perhaps Reeve was betrayed far worse.
Later that year I debated the practicality of cloning with Reeve at the New York Academy of Sciences. At Reeve's request I tried to tell him of an adult bone marrow clinical trial for ALS and SCI in Turin, Italy. But as I began to speak I was physically muzzled from behind by the scientific moderator of the debate. While I struggled to pull his hands from my mouth, fifty reporters looked on in stunned silence and Reeve's handlers quickly wheeled him from the room.
Not a word of this reached the public and Reeve remained in the dark.
Would those who misled and exploited Christopher Reeve hesitate to exploit the rest of mankind? Speaking for myself, I wouldn't want my life or future in the hands of such people. And yet they're holding both.
As he had touched many others around the world, actor Christopher Reeve touched my life — but not as his handlers intended.
Reeve opened my eyes to an unfolding global tragedy. He made me realize how far those pursuing a multi-billion dollar goldmine in long range basic research will descend to achieve their ends. I eventually concluded that while it appears that science and industry are using disability and disease to exploit human fetal and embryonic life, the truth is far worse. The push for ES and cloning research may exploit us all.
Saturday, April 08, 2006
  Terrorist W/ Bomb Vest Meets Fifty Cal

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  Photobucket of Blood
A bucket of blood to any terrorist who wants to strap a bomb to themselves. May a two ounce lead FMJ find you at three thousand feet per second first.

Update I checked out the picture and the dead terrorist is an Iraqi. I like the fact that the guy who took the picture did such a good job of covering his tracks. I got this from Snopes. We have an unconfirmed report that the second photo depicts an insurgent killed in Mosul by the Iraqi National Guard on 8 December 2004. The dead man, we're told, had been one of seven enemy combatants (not suicide bombers) ordered to emerge unarmed from a mosque in that city. They resisted, and all were killed.
I also want people to know I would be proud to show this picture to my mother because I know my source for the picture of the dead Iraqi. My guys know how to stay anonymous and unconfirmed. The other picture at Snopes is some signal corps guy trying to take credit in Yugoslavia. I hope he can take the heat because he knows he did not make the shot. Soldiers are not allowed to take pictures of dead combatants. When they do they get into legal trouble unless only their family knows. ==evil grin==

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