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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Doan Mess with a US Sniper. Wearing a suicide bomb vest does not make you .50 cal bullet proof Terrorist dummy. Posted by Hello
YIKES!!! note to self, never get between a sniper and his target.

Yuck! Is that a real photo? Were'd you find it! Blech!!!
The title of this blog is Love is Tough Enough and it means what it says. If you are not tough enough to stand up to murdering bastards like terrorists I do not want you to bother with posting here especially anonymously because some vital connection is missing in your person when people are pro kill innocent people and then negotiate with foul lowlife terrorists. Should you ever actually find the courage to meet with the actually kind and merciful God of the Bible you will come to a full understanding of these principles. My hope is that it is before you come before the throne of his judgement because it just may be too late for you by then. That means I am pro life and also pro death penalty and these principles may sound emotionally opposite but that is one of the things I admire about God. He is the author of seeming paradox and the freedom to choose life or death. So make your choice because I already know what my friend Alli has chosen.
"My hope is that it is before you come before the throne of his judgement because it just may be too late for you by then."

Who said I didn't favor using force to combat terrorists? I don't have a problem with that. I just said it was a gross picture.

And oh, you must be one of those morons who thinks that work of fiction called the Bible is real. It isn't. It's a bunch of myths and fairy tales for people stupid enough to think dinosaurs never existed and that whole story about a guy loading every animal onto a big boat when the world supposedly was flooded for 40 days and 40 nights.

So -- I guess it's too late for you to wise up and see religion for the b.s. and fiction that it is. All religions are lies and myths. Islam being the worst.

Still posting anonymously I see. My apologies for jumping on you with both feet but I do go into rant mode rather easily when I am angry about something. Remember that that this is my blog and that what you get here is the benifit of my honest experience of life. Better to be a fool for Christ than an 'intellectual moron'. That term was written quite well about in what a Christian writer wrote with an excellent article explaining that term. He writes regularly over at As for Christianity being bunk I think you had better look at both sides of that issue and do some study on what Christ actually had to say since he is the only one ever to inhabit a now empty tomb. Only a very select few people ever got out of this life alive so the odds are not in your favor of doing so. You might want to find a relationship with that creator you so vehemetly deny. Drink up bud. The cheers are for those who find it.
Go Al go. You tell the pansy who can't even give himself a name.

I'm on the side of righteousness right with Jesus. The Bible is only fiction to those with closed minds and cold hearts. Once you've experienced Christ love you will know what I mean. Open your heart. Jesus wants to save you. He went to the cross for you and all of us. He died for your sin so that you could recieve God's grace and go to Heaven.
Thanks Alli you look like you could be Sally's daughter. Can we adopt you? My daughter Brooke would love to have a sister being wedged in between two brothers as she is. The Prayers have helped Sally's numbers on the blood tests came down and she is scheduled for bypass surgery tomorrow morning. (miracles do happen LOL)My wife enters the fight of her life and I keep praying that Terri gets her life back too.
Aw, thanks Al. Coming from a Godly man like yourself that means a lot to me. Brooke and I are close in age, I'm 20, she's 22. I'm sure we'd get a long great. *grin* thanks again. My prayers will continue to be with you, Brooke, Alex and Sally. Take care of yourself, I know how hard it is to get wrapped up in worrying about loved ones and forget about yourself, don't let that happen to you. :)
Al, I have a question. One of my friends just finished Basic for the Army, she's now an SPC, but I'm not quite sure what that means. If you could let me know, I'd be grateful b/c the curiosity is killing me.

How's Sally?
I fed Sally breakfast this morning the day after the surgery. She is doing well although in pain. Too bad Michael could not spoon feed his wife on Good Friday. A Spec usually means Specialist in Army lingo but I would have your friend specify this since most people finish basic even if they did well as a PFC (private first class) I graduated as a Specialist Four from AIT (advanced individual training also advanced infantry training) because I was first in my class academically.
I'm glad shes doing well, hopefully the pain will pass swiftly. She'll stay in my prayers for a while, as will you and Alex.

Thanks for the info, al. she sent me an email from Fort Jackson, in SC. I'm going to write her back in a little while (stupid snail mail) Happy Easter. :) take care.
Al, I'm glad your wife is doing better, after the surgery. I'll keep her--and you--in my prayers.
And oh, you must be one of those morons who thinks that work of fiction called the Bible is real. It isn't. It's a bunch of myths and fairy tales for people stupid enough to think dinosaurs never existed and that whole story about a guy loading every animal onto a big boat when the world supposedly was flooded for 40 days and 40 nights.

Now here's a bona fide genius. First off, you haven't provided a shred of evidence that the Bible is fiction. Since you're making this claim, the burden of proof falls on your shoulders. Second, belief in the scriptures does not presume a disbelief in the existence of dinosaurs. Additionally, Genesis doesn't teach that the "world was flooded for 40 days and 40 nights." It says that it rained 40 days and 40 nights. So apparently, you haven't even read the book you so enjoy denigrating.
Thanks Wes those are powerful prayers. I just came back from the hospital where she will be in the ICU for her entire stay. (new and very smart policy) The nurses are great and very helpful. Sally is resting as comfortably as can be expected in between therapist and nurse visits. Sally insisted on getting digital camera pictures because she knew she would be too out of it in the first three days. So we have a pictorial history for when she is feeling better to share.
Happy Easter to you and yours!!

He Reigns!!! :)
Thanks Alli for reminding me. Sally is doing so well they are talking about letting her come home probably on Tuesday although as feisty as she was this evening she could come home Monday. The family took a short walk with her to the atrium and we joked about heading for the hospital exits and catching a movie but our visit did the trick and we tucked her in after a class on wound dressings with her as the example. (spectacular bruises on the leg they harvested the vein from) She was tired but has the full force of her personality back.
I'm glad she's recovering so fast. Make sure she doesn't rush it when she gets home. :)

Hope everything is well. Take care.
Hey Al,

Glad to hear your wife is recovering. =) Sorry I have not had the time to swing by sooner!

The picture is definitely disturbing.
No problem Arielle and visit whenever you feel like it. That picture was meant to be disturbing as I was having too many wimps visiting and this cut down the traffic considerably. I really did create this blog for my own sense of what is right and maybe some fun with friends who are tough enough to put up with me. Just like Bane you get the real me posting and I do have strong opinions. I am by no means perfect or always right. I do so always count on my Christian friends to counsel and correct me when I am wrong. Iron really does sharpen iron as that proverb says. Unbelievers are welcome to visit and carry on some respectful discourse but I can tell you that if you are not family we look at life from very different perspectives.
Well, Anon is a friendly guy. *rolls eyes* Learn to type and then we'll talk to you.

This picture certainly gets the conversation going doesn't it... *sigh*

Hope you all are well, Al. :)
Aw, Anonymous, was that your brother in the picture? I'm sorry, but he should learn to leave his nailbomb vest at home, while frequenting places where American soldiers hang out.

BTW, calling someone "low-class," then proceeding to curse at them & use ad hominem attacks is like Louis Farrakhan accusing Al Sharpton of racism.
Thanks Wes, I deleted the comment anon made but even though I do not like to feed the trolls your comment was so good it stays. I reported the TOS violation and frankly was and always am totally unimpressed by what anony's post. I may change to Haloscan for easy trackback and banishment. Then again you always know you struck a nerve when the opposition is reduced to incoherent babbling and name calling because that is all they have.
Incoherent babbling and name calling are all the liberal limp-dicks have. When they go have a decent point they smother it with rhetoric as to make it unusable.
Good point Will.
Alnot, Just so you know, this picture was taken by a Marine, A Squad of 4 Marines took out 5 of these Terrorists all with suicide vests. there is more pictures where you can see them in the back ground.
But Same message works. And great site…
I found you via Crystal Clear…
God Bless and God Speed
Welcome Michael, and yes I have some of the pictures that I did not post because I did not want the Marines involved identified. My war labeled me as a baby killing rapist and murderer. Which is exactly what the enemy that I fought against was. They just did what most propagandists do. They project their bad behavior onto the people on the other side,
Which is exactly what the enemy that I fought against was.

Truer words were never spoken, Al.
YEP! An Extremely Late term "Abortion"..Yuck!
Awesome photo alnot! I really like your site and am gonna link to you at the Squamata Report. Mr. Anonymous is not just a treasonous hack, but he is ignorant about the way things really are. Christ warned about the blind leading the blind. That is exactly what we see with Democrats who indoctrinate constituencies through the mainstream media and entertainment.

The liberal lifestyle is ushering in the age of the anti-Christ and a world order that excludes Christians.
How can I call he and his kind blind? They do not see the difference between Good and Evil. Nothing is black and white to them.
To Liberals nuances are the important thing not the violation of innocent life. In other words, it is not the fact that a pedophile rapes and kills a little girl in Florida, that outrages them. It is the fact that he is a victim of parental abuse or some outside stimuli compelled him and he is not to blame!
My dear liberal always wrongs, there is an eternal struggle between the descendents of Ishmael and the descendants of Isaac. It is a microcosm of the war of mankind vs. Lucifer / Sin.
Just as Ishmael and Isaac both came from Abraham, Mankind and Lucifer came from God. It has always been the birth right and Ideology arguments manifested in property that each fight for. Christ is the original heir to the throne of Heaven. However, it was Satan who first came upon the scene in the garden of Eden. Ishmael was the first on the scene too, however it is Isaac who retained the legitimate title to Israel.

I know that the truth about the Christian Crusades and the spiritual battles are frightening to you. I know why liberals hate war, they are reminded of the spiritual battle they oppose and deny.
It is just funny how you protest both spiritual and physical wars, and impugned both leaders.
Sorry to rant on your blog dude, like you say, it's hard to hold back when you are passionate about something. -Ken
Rant on Ken. You are most articulate and say what I feel so well. Your blog is in my favorites because of that.
Yeah what will probably perturb his little leaf-eatn heart is that I believe Dinosaurs exist too!
thanks for the listing bro. And by the way, thanks for your service to this Country and thanks for
thinking more about the welfare of Millions of Americans than your own 'one life to give'.
We can breathe the air of freedom becouse of veteran's valiant sacrifices. You sir are one of my heros
I hope your health is improving. I am praying for you brother. It may be tough on you but we selfish
bastards like having ya around.
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