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Sunday, March 13, 2005

I think I hear the bus, where is my leash? I love meeting Alex when he gets home. Posted by Hello
You know, if you spray for those things, you can keep em outta yer house.
LOL my early warning system barks, is fueled by table scraps and has pump shotgun and other various weapons for backup. Not to mention stays out of the way of handheld cannon blasts.
It's cute, Al, but I'll leave the small dogs to you. =)

I would've been back around sooner, but have been lazy and have not updated my links recently!
Asher is cute and he does serve. Your housemate's dogs are a problem. Asher is allowed to come in on a leash only for. If he disobeys he gets put outside and comes back in later on a leash for more training. Only when he proves himself trustworthy does he get taken off the leash and I never let him stay in the house alone. He has his own shelters outside and a chain to tie him up only if I have something out back I do not want him to get into. I would never have an all indoor dog. BTW I could not post at your blog again today.
Blogger has been having problems, sometimes I can't comment on my own blog either! Or, I have to hit the comment button ten-million times before it works.

I did succeed in linking you though. =)
Hey Al, he's cute. :)

I've got a technical question for you, How do you post pictures on Blogger? I've got Hello, but I don't know how to work it. Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated.

I have a boy with CP who is 3. It's nice to see Alex doing so well. Take care.
Your little dog is so cute. I have been here before and saw him but apparently I didn't leave a comment.
Also want to say that Alex was a darling baby and is a very handsome young man now. Isn't it great that our Heavenly Father has the last word. I bet the doctors are surprised at his great progress.
Of course he is blessed to have a dad who loves him and doesn't give up.
Blessings to all.
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