Love is Tough Enough
Friday, March 11, 2005
  Love is tough enough to outlast stupidity

I started this blog because I love my now nineteen year old son Alex and wanted to share some of his story in pictures and history. My motto is that only love is tough enough to outlast stupidity. There are examples of the early years in the picture link. There will be more as my daughter just got finished doing a powerpoint presentation as part of her college work toward a teaching degree.Alex was born two months prematurely in a rural area of Arizona. He is multiply handicapped. We were told he would never talk and he does. They told us he would be blind and he can see. They asked us if we did not want him and if the state should take care of him. We told the doctors he is our child and we will take him home because we love him. We did and we have been through a lot together. The surgeries, the pneumonia, asthma and reflux projectile vomiting. He has participated in Special Olympics, school and church not to mention having great fun at Disneyland. He is a vital part of our family and community. Here is a link for pictures. Fingers crossed hoping it works.
You should see the other guy Posted by Hello And
Welcome to non-aol blogging. I do believe I may have gotten the first commment! Woo! =D
OK I give up. My posts last night were a total mess and I wiped them out because the edit function on this service seems to really suck. I get things composed nicely and despite repeated tries it never did what I told it to do. I would post hello pictures and when I went to add text and links it wiped out the pictures. When I posted one picture that I picked. Hello posted another different picture that I had loaded but not picked earlier. I am majorly frustrated and annoyed. I hate to say it but the AOL worked better. The Mozilla Firefox browser I installed has yet to even find my blog despite repeated searches. I am wondering if my AOL browser is sabotaging this blog but until I can get my Firefox to locate this blog I am at their mercy.
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