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Saturday, March 12, 2005
  Playing At School

Playing at school Posted by Hello

Here I go again trying to add text to a posted picture from Hello. My thanks to Bane who got here first but was unable to post I changed the settings to 'All' so try again bud. Yes Wes I had to erase some posts that comments were made on. My apologies to you and Ruth at In the Name of Quad who posted to my first messed up post that also got deleted because every edit made things worse. Arielle you got the first and maybe only sucessful post by technical knockout. (gotta watch the left hook on her fer sure) Well here goes my latest attempt.
OOOhh he is so cute! 'm glad you got the pictures up. The easiest way to blog is to find other bloggers who know how to do things and they can give you tips. as you can see, it cam be frustrating!!if you need a name, let me know..i have blogger friends who helped each other with their sites...
Thanks Ruth and I am glad something has worked. Not the way it is supposed to but double posting the picture and the text seperately seems to have worked.
No problem, Al. You're doing fine.
Hey I would just like to say hey and that is great to see that your son has pulled through after all these years and that I pray that yall have many more happy times together again. It is always uplifting to see people so much faith and it always seems that those peopl are blessed by God. Your boy is an angel sent from God to bless yall and all that he meets and I must thatnk God for that. God bless you. Much love.

-Danny Wobbleton Jr.
Popped over from Ruth's blog.
Alex seems like a great son and you are obviously a great Dad.
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