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Monday, April 25, 2005
  Posting on my own blog
I am having my first case of writers block on my blog. I have been out and about making plenty of comments on my friends blogs and neglecting my own. I know that there is no lack of things to write about but also feel that better writers than I are covering most of them quite well as I enjoy reading. I have ideas that are only vaguely formed bubbling around and when life slows down a bit I am sure I will have plenty of well measured things to say. Time to get a bit of sleep because I have things to do. Goodnight/Morning and may God Bless each of you.
I drop by everyday on my usual morning rounds and have been anxiously awaiting your next post. Your writing style is unusual and interesting.

I get blogger's block all the time.
I have this problem, sometimes, as well. Taking a brief glance at the day's news stories on WND (or your news source of choice) might help you come up w/ a good idea. It's helped me, in the past.
Don't worry about having nothing to say. That only means your mind is processing. When your ready you'll post again.

And I'll be around to read it.

Keep up the good work.

Saw your comment over at my site, so thought I'd wander over here to see what I could see. I like what I see.

Blocks happen to me all the time. I, too, have many bloggerish ideas percolating in my head at any given moment but as soon as I sit down to write, all those spiffy thoughts and ideas vanish. I blame my chair.

I actually bought one of those digital recorders that are the size of a matchbox and hold literally hours of info - all using only a single AAA battery. Take it with me everywhere now, and just blather into it when I have ideas for the blog. Comes in handy for notes-to-self, shopping lists and other stuff, too. Am now amassing quite a collection of bloggy ideas.
Al, thank you for everything. Take your time in posting, we will be here to read what you have to say when you want to say it. *hugs* :)
I get that sometimes too. Blogging is much harder for me than responding to someone in another forum. I was on Tribe for about a year and writing there was easy because I had so much material to respond to since nearly everyone in the political forums were leftists. Originating material is harder for me unless something gets my dander up.
Alnot, I just added you to my blogroll too so my average 29 visitors per day should drive your traffic numbers through the roof.
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I sure can sympathize, Alnot! I drop by your blog fairly frequently to check for updates though - if there aren't any, I just hit the back button and check again later. =)
Thanks for all the good comments and suggestions. I have things I am very passionate about and when I get past this crisis I hope I have time left to share them. Thanks for being the best of blogging and to the trolls the delete button works great keep trying.
Why are you so sure you'll "get past this crisis?"

From the way you've described it, you're heading downhill fast.

And all this trolling to deal with! Keep on top of them! It's not a waste of your time LOL
No problem, I like wasting your time.
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Man, I need some trolls - things get a little slow at my blog some days. ;)
LOL BTW That was not Difster just my lil pet troll who so far is having comments removed just so you do not fall asleep reading them.
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