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Monday, May 16, 2005
  To Tell the Truth
Has anyone heard of Mark Steyn? He is one of the talented writers who I envy for his style and wit. Frankly all John Bolton is to me is just another government bureaucrat. Yet he may achieve hero status yet thanks to the left wing nut job I mean Democratic Senators who oppose him. His sin is for telling the truth. Didn't they crucify somebody for that a few years back?

Bolton's sin is telling truth about system
May 15, 2005

Remember the tsunami? Big story, 300,000 dead; America and other rich countries too "stingy" in their response; government ministers from every capital on earth announcing on CNN every 10 minutes more and more millions and gazillions. It was in all the papers for a week or two, but not a lot of water under the bridge since then, and as a result this interesting statistic may not have caught your eye:
Five hundred containers, representing one-quarter of all aid sent to Sri Lanka since the tsunami hit on Dec. 26, are still sitting on the dock in Colombo, unclaimed or unprocessed.
At the Indonesian port of Medan, 1,500 containers of aid are still sitting on the dock.
Four months ago, did you chip in to the tsunami relief effort? Did your company? A Scottish subsidiary of the Body Shop donated a 40-foot container of "Lemon Squidgit" and other premium soap, which arrived at Medan in January and has languished there ever since because of "incomplete paperwork,'' according to Indonesian customs officials.
Well, those soapy Scots were winging it -- like so many of us, eager to help but too naive to understand that, no matter the scale of devastation visited upon a hapless developing nation, its obstructionist bureaucracy will emerge from the rubble unscathed. Yet, among the exhaustive examples of wasted Western generosity unearthed by the Financial Times, what struck me was not the free-lancers but the permanent floating crap game of international high-rollers who couldn't penetrate the labyrinth of Indonesian paperwork
The rest of the article is at the link and it tells a tale of the UN and government bureaucracy at work. Most Americans according to the polls support the UN. In my ignorance even I did at one time but not now. The truth needs to ring out and the American people once they hear it enough their support will erode away and wash out like the tide. It should not take a tsunami of dead and dying to get the truth but mankind is sorta deaf that way.
Good article from Steyn. What bothers the lib-loons about Bolton is that he's not a UN stooge.

I'm w/ ya on having contempt for the UN. We should withdraw from this corrupt body & never look back. I think that's a drum we can't beat loudly enough.
I love Mark Steyn. I greatly admire his writing style, his humor and his politics. Do you listen to Hugh Hewitt? (Mark Steyn is on Hugh's show every Wednesday.) Hugh Hewillt an Evangelical Christian, wrote the book "Blog", is a constitutional attorney and nationally syndicated radio talk show host. He also has a
Sorry Hick, they do not have Hugh out here in the desert radio stations. I would love to hear his radio show and especially if Mark Steyn was on. I have visited many blogs and heard that Hugh inspired many of them.
I totally agree Wes the UN needs to have their funding from us cut off and put to better uses and the buildings in New York are prime real estate. I think the funds from leasing or selling that would do more good in a few years than all that was done by the UN. Good stewardship is the key and government is not designed for meeting people's needs.
What a shocker...well, not really.
"If Noah Were Living Today" is not just an urban legend. There's a lot of truth to it.
Brings to mind the American wheat and corn sent to the famine victims in Ethiopia that sat on the docks rotting, while 87% of the jack raked in by "USA for Africa" went for administrative expenses".
Altruism is a suckers game...Deal with it.
Glad I didn't donate anything.

And I agree Al, Steyn is an excellent writer.
hey alnot, i thank you for posting comments in my blogspot! it was much appreciated! :)
Great post!
I need to read Mark Steyn more often.

I'm glad I didn't get guilted into giving anything. During all the drives on campus, I gave to the local church to fund some outreach instead. Money much better spent, I believe. :)
Great post Alnot. Bolton scares the left because it threatens the UN's current status as an appeasement entity. A strong butt kicker like Bolton will shape up the UN or force it to implode. Kofi has got to go or there is no use in supporting them anymore. If we pulled funding right now they would fold inside of a week.
Thanks for a great post man. Take care.
America supports the UN to the tune of 25% of the 1.5 billion used for operation. If we stopped support they could not stand. The UN is a good idea, however it should be controled by Conservatives and not the liberal alwayswrongs.
America funds 25% of the Un so we should control 25% of it.
Sorry folks I have been busy or I would have posted and responded to comments sooner. I have been working on some pro life issues and have joined a Terri's friends inspired network with a yahoo address. More good stuff is on the way soon.
Howdy, Al. Just checkin' in w/ ya. Take care.
Its ok, Al. Thanks for the checking in, we worry about you. :)

Wishful thinking.

If the world were full of leaders with integrity the UN baby blue would be replaced by red, white and blue and every recipient of her aid would be singing Dixie.

We need to pull out and let those name callers, who do nothing but deride the US, feel the magnitude of their irrelevence.
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