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Friday, June 03, 2005
  Smack Their PP Today!
Just because a turd moves to the middle of a toilet does not mean it stinks any less.
Feminists like Hilary Clinton who harassed her husbands female accusers and support Perverted Parenthood need to get booted out of office. Instead the liberal elite shower her with allocades and money. I am hoping that she does run for office and just like John Fraud Kerry will get more Democrats voted out of office because of their rank hypocrisy. Rich Lowery is another of my favorite writers and this is a good example of why

Planned Parenthood Perversity Rich Lowry
June 3, 2005

Can you say “perverse”? Planned Parenthood in Indiana and Kansas is effectively fighting to protect child rapists from potential prosecution in two high-profile legal fights. That an organization devoted to the interests of women finds itself in this position is a cautionary tale of abortion-rights extremism.
In Indiana, the attorney general is seeking the records of girls under the age of 14 who have visited Planned Parenthood clinics. Let that sink in: We’re talking about 12- and 13-year- old girls. It is a crime to have sex with a child under 14 in the state. Under law, individuals with reason to believe a child is a victim of sex abuse are required to report it to the proper authorities. In Kansas, the attorney general is carrying on the same fight (he is also looking for evidence of illegal late-term abortions).An Indiana judge has just upheld the Indiana attorney general’s request, although the case is under appeal. “The great public interest,” the county superior judge wrote, “in the reporting, investigation and prosecution of child abuse trumps even the patient’s interest in privileged communication with her physician because, in the end, both the patient and the state are benefited by the disclosure.” The loopiest free-sex advocates might imagine that after sex-ed courses on how to put a condom on a banana, 13-year-old girls blissfully explore their bodies with 13-year-old boys. Put aside that this vision will make most parents gag — it’s not how it works. Teen sex often involves adult men exploiting teen girls. Estimates are that in 60 percent or more of teen births, the father is an adult. A California study found that the fathers in births to junior-high-school mothers were on average nearly 7 years older.Why would a feminist organization not be eager to cooperate in a fight against the sexual exploitation of young girls? Well, Planned Parenthood represents that wing of the feminist billed as “sex positive.” Although that phrase doesn’t quite capture it. Planned Parenthood is developing the “statutory rape-positive” wing of feminism.These feminists are unwilling to pass judgment on any sex in any circumstances, don’t care if parents are cut out of the equation entirely, believe the right to an abortion trumps any other consideration, and embrace a notion of privacy so sweeping it includes men who have, under law, raped their young sexual partners. If only Michael Jackson were interested in girls instead of boys, he might, in the right circumstances, have a friend in Planned Parenthood.Privacy is a mere excuse not to provide the records. It is not at all unusual for criminal prosecutions to involve medical records. And no one is going to make public the names of the girls involved, which are being provided to the authorities, not the news media. “We’ve been doing these investigations since the 1970s, and there’s never been a case where we have not maintained the confidentiality of records,” Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter told a local columnist. In Kansas — where the case is pending before the state supreme court — Attorney General Phill Kline authored the state’s rape shield law when he was in the legislature. It is not the girl in any of these cases who will be in jeopardy, but her adult abuser (if there is one).This fight is so important because our culture relentlessly sexualizes children. The message, for instance, of Britney Spears’s act before she came of age was “teen girls are hot.” Pop culture won’t change, but the law can at least try to send an opposite signal.Key Democrats from Hillary Clinton to Howard Dean have of late said their party needs to become more moderate on abortion. They could add substance to the rhetoric by opposing Planned Parenthood’s position in these cases. Of course, that will never happen. The abortion absolutists control the Democratic party, a sad fact for those Americans who have moral qualms about abortion, but a happy one for men who impregnate 13-year-olds.
Rich Lowry is editor of
National Review, a member group, and author of Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years.
©2005 King Features Syndicate
Man, that sucks.

That Lowry guy is a good writer.
Thanks for the comment Bane. I lost my MSN connection last weekend and could not post at your place but I do visit regularly. I also was reading archives there so I am not looking to sue but to enjoy your being you.
This is all the more reason for me to love my state. God bless you Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter (hehe, I voted for him!)

I love Rich Lowry. Thanks for posting him, Al. How are you?

I read a lenghty article about this in some Focus on the Family article and they were saying that the if they can expose half of the illegal activity that's been going on at these PP that it might actually be there downfall.

Here's hoping.
Good post, Al. Rich Lowry does a pretty good job.

Perverted Parenthood

Haha, I like that. It's so true.
The downfall of Peverted Parenthood can only be a good thing.(more dead babies than the Nazis or communists has to be some kind of record) I am doing ok Alli and am in wait mode on whether my disability application is approved or if I need to hire legal representation like most former hardworking taxpayers do. (my very sick sisters have had to, one has cancer and the other needs a kidney transplant)But such is our government run con game called Social Security and lawyers have to have their cut too.
These people are sick.
The downfall of Peverted Parenthood can only be a good thing.

I totally agree.
Just because a turd moves to the middle of a toilet does not mean it stinks any less.


As to the rest of the article - so much of humanity really sickens me.

Glad to see you're still around and posting, Alnot. =)
For Planned Parenthood, the right to kill babies is paramount, no matter who your allies might be. The killing must go on.
Planned Parenthood is responsible for more deaths than Saddam Hussein. I say America should liberate the unborn, we could call it 'Operation Unborn Freedom'!
I agree with Ken.

Hope you're alright, Al.
Wow, your post hit close to home for me. Just yesterday I had to threaten a 19 year old man to stay away from my 16 year old daughter. I threatened him with a restraining order if he ever comes close again. I wondered if I was over-reacting, but not after reading your post. Thanks for opening my eyes even more!

God Bless You,
Nice blog! Sweet.

God is Good!
Thanks for dropping by Paula and Steve. My only daughter is now twenty-two and I know exactly how you feel about older men sniffing around teenagers.I have a pump shotgun handy along with the rest of my arsenal. A restraining order should be obtained immediately if this young man insists. Now that my daughter Brooke who has grown up and who is still in college has her own pump shotgun. I feel much better now. She likes hunting birds with it to stay in practice. I occasionally used one in combat for close in fighting and I may tell one day the story of the one legged Frenchman.
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