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Sunday, August 21, 2005
  Monsoon Update
The fan mechanism gave out on my air conditioning yesterday. It was only one hundred and eight degrees F So we decided to have a combination barbeque and family outing in our swimming pool. We used materials on hand and rolls of cloth Sally had to make shades for around the pool. Got the grill fired up and cooked the food we will need for at least a week. We even got the old neglected swamp cooler running and got a bit of cool off of that despite it needing a complete replacement of some cooling media. The family had a very busy day indeed. We all worked together and that made it fun. Sally and Alex went to bed early and I had one of the best talks with my two oldest children who are now adults as we stayed up late into the night and early morning. I do not know when I will get back to things here in the blog world but really having too much fun and adventure to care right now. Signing off until the air conditioning is back. Your 'Mad' Al
Thanks for checking in. Glad you had a good talk with the kids. Hope you get your AC fixed.

Take care,
Whew! 108! I hope you get the AC fixed, soon.

I like the story. Sounds like the old saying, "When life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade."

Keep on having fun w/ the family.
Sounds like you made the best of it! My a/c just went out today, and I`m rolling sweat as I type this.

I hope yours is back soon!
Sorry I have been busy debating abortion on my home AOL message board with a couple of hostile feminists and have been taking flak from all sides. Then I found links to secular stories about Peverted Parenthood hiding and protecting child rapists and they suddenly realized to continue much further would only lead to more embarrasment. I cannot even find the thread anymore now because I think it got pulled by the liberal owners of AOL.Their excuse is going to be that they just changed the board format but I found a link that still uses the old format and it is missing there too.

My thirty year old air conditioning unit needs to be replaced but the blower motor replacement means we should be able to get through the worst of the summer. The best the air conditioner can cool during the day is down to eighty three or four and down to eighty late at night. So we have some relief for now. Considering that seventy -five feels like freezing to us right now. The swimming pool is a large blessing despite all the work involved in maintaining one. Thanks for the well whishes and the dog days of August got you too eh Tim. Timothy Birdnow has an excellent blog to read and I highly recommend it. He reminds me some of Wes but has his own unique personality.
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