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Friday, August 26, 2005
  Peverts for Planned Peversity
Here is the secular sources on Plan for Perverts battle in the courts listed under Print news on this page. Proving that it is not my fevered imagination that most conscience seems to be missing from those who support abortion. Proving that once again Love is the only thing tough enough to outlast stupidity.
Abortion clinics investigated by Attorney General re: child rape Print newsAbortion clinics turn over 1st evidence to Kansas Bureau of InvestigationNew law forces clinics to stop protecting perpetrators in child rape casesAbortion clinic sues to keep medical records from investigatorsOhio Health Department wants evidence to prosecute sexual predatorsNew law targets sexual predators who use abortion to conceal child rapeChild Rape Protection Act takes effect in KansasCourt: Planned Parenthood must comply in child molestation investigationOrders records of child rape victims turned over to Attorney General's officePlanned Parenthood, State of Indiana face off in court over child rapePlanned Parenthood under investigation for not reporting child sex abuseCriminal investigation launched in Planned Parenthood forced abortion caseParents are suing Planned Parenthood in Ohio over daughter's illegal abortionKansas Governor signs Child Rape Prevention ActAs of July 1st, abortion clinics can no longer conceal crimes of child rapists Legal foundation announces lawsuit against Planned ParenthoodParents sue Ohio Planned Parenthood for covering up their daughter's rapeLegislature follows AG, seeks to stop abortion clinics from concealing rapePasses law which would preserve fetal tissue DNA to prosecute predators Lawsuit says Planned Parenthood concealed sexual abuse of 13-year-oldPlanned Parenthood sued in Ohio, accused of "aiding and abetting" predatorCBS News: AG's shouldn't seek evidence of Planned Parenthood crimesSee any pro-choice bias in reports on AG's abortion clinic investigations?Attorney General 'bad', Planned Parenthood 'good' - that is PP's spinPlanned Parenthood says trust us, law enforcement officers can't be trustedIndiana Attorney General has law on his side against Planned Parenthood Is Planned Parenthood simply seeking to hide proof of their own crimes? Attorney General seeking "to uncover criminial activity" at abortion clinicsAbortion records fight is about principle, protecting children from predatorsGirl's abortion death fueling anti-abortion sentiment in Kansas Regulation, investigation of clinics will help to protect girls, womenSeparating fact from fiction (A must read!) Kansas Attorney General issues statement clarifying medical records requestKansas Attorney General Emerges As Leading Abortion Foe Pro-abortion media sings "privacy" chorus to keep focus off child abuse issueIndiana Attorney General seeks evidence in Planned Parenthood records Planned Parenthood is under investigation for unreported child abuseClinics threaten AG Kline for allegedly breaking gag order Abortionists also vow to tell patients that their records have been subpoenedFight over abortion clinic records in Kansas rages on Abortion lobby insists records of rape victims not be used to catch rapistsPlanned Parenthood sues state of Indiana over medical records Clinics try to keep records of 12 and 13-year-olds from investigatorsCourt Places Rape Victims in Danger Kansas Supreme Court Rules To Tip Off Sex PredatorsGag order lifted in Kansas dispute over abortion clinic records Press begins campaign of name-calling against Kansas AG Kansas Attorney General accuses clinics of operating above the law Clinics have refused to turn over records subpoened by state courtAbortion Clinics Fighting Kansas AG's Effort to Stop Child Rape Notice that abortion clinics don't deny they violate the law and conceal child rape, but rather that abortion "privacy" protects adult-on-child sex.- When a sexual predator pays an abortion clinic to destroy the evidence of their crime (the baby), then the abuse of the victim simply continues.Related story from the archives: Largest Conspiracy Ever How Planned Parenthood Supports Rapists and Child Sexual PredatorsRelated story from the archives: Planned Parenthood concealing crimes? Investigation says sex by men with underage girls 'epidemic'Abortion clinics shouldn't help shield those who rape young girls WorldNetDaily: How society enables the abuse of kids The Cavalier Daily WorldNetDaily: N.Y. Times, L.A. Times ignore rape, incest, murder to protect abortion
Love is the only thing tough enough to outlast stupidity.

Wired Al Yank-yo-chain-a-bit
Hey, Al. I just blogged about this subject myself at ProLifeBlogs a couple of days ago. Follow this link to hear for yourself how Planned Parenthood has been aiding and abetting child molesters for years. It will make your blood boil.
"Planned Perversity"--I like it, Al. It's very fitting & accurate.
Thanks Wes. Thanks Deborah over at Choose Life for your posts, research, links and blog. You all are super troopers in the kingdom of God.
That was a lot of work, Al, to post that! Thanks for the info. It is the children that suffer the most in our earth. It definitely would be better to have a millstone about the neck and to be cast into the sea than to harm the little ones in such a way.
Love and shalom,
The people who are at the first link are the ones who did and are doing the hard work. I just seached ot out and found it all in one place.
Wow. The sheer volume of headlines should show what a problem this is. And of course we hear very little about it from the mainstream media.
Great post, Al! Truly shocking what is happening under our noses!
Thanks Tim sometimes it is what is missing in the story that is truly shocking. Where are the literally hundreds of prosecutions of both clinics and child predators that should have happened with this information. When you have over eight hundred clinics blatently violating the law there should have been such a scandal as with the much lower percentage of Catholic priests that the entire nation knew about this.
Great job, well done research. Sick organization.
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