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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
  Assigning Priorities
Lately I have been stumped by all the things going on in my life right now. Mentally I was prepared to be out of contact for the next month at least. I have an appointment with an Oral Surgeon coming up soon to determine when to put me under to remove a broken off and welded to my lower right jawbone impacted wisdom tooth that my small mouth did not have enough room for. Did I tell you I have had bad experiences with oral surgeons in the past? My Army roommate called an ambulance when I hemorrhaged in my sleep after my first surgery. He walked into the room and later told me my bunk had more blood on it than he saw in his first tour of combat in Southeast Asia. Then I went in for a second surgery and had to go to the emergency room at Madigan Army Hospital to have the appliance supporting the roof of my mouth removed several days after the surgery due to infection. Again I bled profusely but my roommate figured I had survived the first episode and only the top half of my bunk was covered in blood so he let me sleep on. With my health the way it is they even have trouble starting an IV on me nowadays so keep me in prayer as I go in for surgery again sometime next month. Now as to assigning priorities I have decided to concentrate most of this blog writing to the Pro life cause. I was posting a comment to Animate Matters the other day and realized that the murder of millions of unborn children is going to be the biggest battle people of faith must wage. In America alone we have suffered over forty million casualties just in children to Satan and his unholy dupes since Roe vs Wade. Over One Hundred Million worldwide which is more than attributed to the murderous scourge of communism. Now the numbing of conscience continues with the kill the cripples campaign. How many thousands have already been put to death in our corrupt Hospice system already? Supported by our corrupted justice system? We can claim to be no better than nazis and communists thanks to our churches and family being too busy fighting each other. God is hearing the blood of innocents calling out to him just as when Cain slew Able. This generation has literally self destructed and is only beginning to understand the consequences of such immorality. Only God's mercy and grace is holding back his judgement on this world. We need repentence and unity to snatch as many as we can from the fire before the end of this world surely comes.
Alnot, I will pray for you. The herb "Shepherd's Purse" helps stop hemorrhaging, so you might want to get some of that to take when you have your surgery. You should find the tincture at the health foods store or do a search online. I would strongly recommend a "Daniel Fast" before surgery to get yourself in better health to handle it.
I don't think you can expect the institutional "church" to manifest unity and love other than the end-time one world religion. I do think that G-d is bringing those who are truly redeemed to the same understanding and all that are really do know that His return is near and the urgency of the hour. Keep standing for the truth, brother. And draw near to Him.
Love and shalom,
Al, I hope the oral surgery appointment goes well. A dentist once told me to have my wisdom teeth extracted, sicne there wasn't enough room in my mouth for them. But they've caused me minimal discomfort over the years, so I never have.

I thought your comments about abortion were well-said.
You're right, Alnot, nothing proves YHWH's grace and mercy better than the fact that humanity still exists.

I'll be praying for you. =)
Hope all is well, Al! I`ll say a prayer for you!
Thanks for your prayers and advice. I just found out that the funds for disability retirement are being held up by the computer rejecting my awards twice. So I now have just enough money to pay for the consultation but not the surgery. Monday is going to be a busy day and I am angry enough that I am grateful that I no longer handle automatic weapons. Actually as the weekend has progressed I have gotten into praise God anyway mode and know that things are going to work out. Thanks for being the best part of the blog world. I promise to visit each of you soon and hope I have some inspired comments to help you laugh. Just a Mad Fiend and Friend, Al
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