Love is Tough Enough
Friday, November 04, 2005
  Finally An Update.
Finally I have received more than a letter of award telling me my first month of eligibility is being held back because I may have received SSI. I called and told them that I had not received that and that I needed to pay cash for medical problems like laser eye surgery and oral surgery. As usual I got sympathy but no money yet so round two starts next week since simple things like catching up on the mortgage payment and living expenses are what takes priority at the moment. I had to pay to put down my favorite cat today because he got very sick and two hundred and forty dollars for medical tests is more than I can afford for a probably die anyway cat. I am fond of the critters but being able to feed myself and them is about all I can do. Asher the ratweiler will miss Sid but has other healthy cat buddies to play with. Next I will be looking for a new home church and doing a restart on my responsibilities as a member of the body of Christ for no matter how diseased that part is, God has quietly reminded me that he who is in me is greater than any of he who is in the world.
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