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Sunday, December 25, 2005
  Christmas Updates
I am having an interesting Christmas to say the least. I am very glad to be rid of AOL and their changing of the message boards to an HTML format while cluttering things up with advertising that makes each page slow to load. When the regulars on the message boards complained vigorously we were ignored. So I voted with my feet and most importantly my money. Since AOL is arrogant enough to keep taking money even after you leave my advice is to do a stop payment on whatever account you use to pay the bill including an unexplained eight extra dollars a month that I tried to get my too busy wife to complain about. I like this action instead of inaction much better. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year holidays to all who visit this cranky older man who still manages to Celebrate God's Greatest Gift and message of love.
Well, thanks for visiting my blog recently and leaving your comments. It's always good to meet new friends in the Lord.

Blessings to you and yours!
AOL is harder to eliminate than most viruses. Good luck exorcising them from your computer and your bills!
That's stickin' it to 'em, Al!
Actually AOL is my wife's problem since I have my own account now. They do not have my account nimber nor will they ever obtain it from me. Welcome Vicki, I have visited Windows to my Soul but not made comments until now. I think Serena is the person who I got your link from.
Glad to hear you are free from AOL (and they no longer have access to your money).

Now to pray for the rest of your life.
I hope that 2006 is a better year for you and your Al, I'm hoping the same for me.

Good move getting rid of AOHell.
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