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Thursday, December 22, 2005
  Making Major Changes
I got rid of my old template and haloscum because they were both inadequate. I am going to try this set up for now. My apologies for all the changes and loss of comments in the past. Such is life.
BTW I no longer have AOL because they were worse than inadequate they are liberal NAZIs who should lose even more customers.
Don`t be shy, Al; tell us what you really think!

I hope everything is straightened out!

Merry Christmas!
OK Tim where did yer post go? Time to check my conformation e-mails.
Thanks Tim. I just found out how comment moderation works and got your post published. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours. I am hoping to have a nice baked ham to honor all my muslim buddies out thar. ==evil grin==
Pork the other red, white and blue meat.
Yep, pig is good eatin'! Have a lovely Christmas!
Well I cn't think of anything good about AOL, good riddance to 'em.
Merry Christmas, Al. Take care, & have a great time.
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