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Saturday, April 30, 2005
  Two for one
Doug Giles had two good sermons in a row and I may not totally agree except to say that we as a country are in a crisis with our justice system. Too many institutions like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have given criminals more rights than the victims. It is past time for the pendulum to swing back toward a balanced center. If not pick up a rock and let the stonings begin.

Jesus, Justice and Jack A**es Doug Giles (archive)
April 30, 2005
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I got a few emails from some Christians after my last column, “
A Time to Kill,” ran. They found my easiness with executing confessed and convicted child molesters, rapists and murderers to be offensive and un-Christ like. They stated that I showed a “lack of love” for these culprits whom Christ “cares for,” and that I should “err on the side of mercy” towards these marauders and “love my enemies,” as this would be “the Christian thing to do.” Yes, I was electronically told by this, merciful-to-the-molester-minority, who thinks they’re siding with God when they support sustaining killers who forcefully copulate with kids, that I am to “love the sinner and hate the sin.”
Well, Kum-Ba-Frickin’- Yah!
Excuse me . . . but I still think that we should go Old Testament on guilty child molesters and ought to end their sad story in a selected gravel pit ala a community stoning.
I hate to seem heretical and hellish to such bleeding hearts, but my pity begins and ends with the raped or molested or murdered child, and I really don’t care about the perpetrator who has harmed the helpless. As far as I’m concerned, once you rape a little kid you officially get logged onto heaven’s eternal jerk roll and should be irrevocably placed on the must-die-quick list.
As far as my duty to my enemy or neighbor, I believe the biblical injunction/ maxim is to “love my neighbor and my enemy as I love myself.”
Here are my thoughts on me “loving me” if I were the one to have kidnapped a nine year old little girl, then raped her, then buried her alive, then stuck her in a 55-gallon Hefty trash sack, then left her in a shallow grave to die:
If I did such a damnable act and really loved myself, then I would dutifully subject my person to punishment—in particular to death. Yes, if I really loved myself, I would bear responsibility for my actions, which means that I would insist on taking one for the team by leaving this planet, via execution, because I have just violently offended the sensibility of the entire human collective.
If I were the toad that took the life of the Lundsford or the Lunde girl, the right “Christian” thing to do to show that I “love myself” would be to confess to the crime, give myself up to the police, seek forgiveness from Almighty God (and beg it from all family members of my victim) and then ask to be deleted. I’m not part of the Kool-Aid drinkers who think “loving your enemy as one loves himself” excludes punishing to death the perpetrator—whether it’s someone else or me.
Here’s what we are up against in the formerly good ole US of A. Think about this before you talk about showing “love and mercy” to molesters and start doling out religious quips and clichés to those of us who are trying to put an end to these predators prowling our parks. Here’s some reality, Saccharine Saint—if you can handle it.
REALITY: There are more than 2 million convicted sex offenders currently living among us, not in prison.
REALITY: Over a 25-year period, more than half of all child molesters will be rearrested for a new sex offense charge.
REALITY: We release more than 200,000 criminals from prison each year, and they go on to commit an extraordinary number of new crimes. For example, during just the first three years following release, these criminals commit more than 3,000 new homicides, more than 3,000 new rapes and more than 3,000 new sex assaults against children. In other words, just like the terrorists of “9/11” who killed 3,000 Americans, we release criminals every year who we know will commit more “9/11’s”.
REALITY: More than 2/3 of all criminals released from prison will be rearrested within three years.
REALITY: The average time served for rape is just six years.
REALITY: The average time served for molesting a child is just three years.
REALITY: Most studies of repeat offenders are designed to hide the true extent of this scandal. Typically, they follow released criminals for just two or three years. But one 25-year study showed that 3/4 of all subsequent convictions occurred more than three years after the criminal’s release from prison. In other words, a study that tracks offenders for just three years misses 75% of the future crimes they will commit on innocent people.
REALITY: Even if your state has long prison sentences, don’t think that makes you safe. One in eight released felons commits their next offense in a different state from the one where they served their time.
REALITY: Ever heard of the car and the bus? Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year maintaining address lists of released sex offenders, without any acknowledgement by law enforcement or public officials that nothing prevents a released child molester or rapist from getting in a car or a bus, going to another neighborhood and committing a new crime there. Every day in America, sex offenders fully compliant with Megan’s Law commit new rapes and child molestations.
REALITY: A released felon is 53 times more likely than the average man on the street to commit a subsequent homicide.
REALITY: While advocates of releasing predators cite the cost of incarceration ($17,000-$25,000 per year) as too great for government to pay to keep criminals behind bars, NO STUDY has ever tried to calculate the cost to society of the millions of women who have been raped, the millions of children who have been molested, the loss to a family when a loved one is murdered or the cost when someone is mugged or robbed or carjacked.
*These disturbing statistics came from U.S. Department of Justice were compiled by Mike Paranzino and his stellar organization, .
My ClashPoint is this: I understand the need for humans to seem humane and for Christians to seem supernatural in their ability to be “merciful and loving” to the best of the worst, but I submit that being supernatural in their ability to be merciful & loving is more important than seeming so . . . and it should start with showing love & mercy to our children and neighbors first—by protecting them from these savages. Sometimes the most loving and merciful act to be shown a criminal is to prevent him from doing more harm. And someone had better begin doling out death sentences for child molesters, or our neighborhoods are quickly going to turn into one big Neverland Ranch.
* logon to to hear Giles’ interview with Gil Reavill author of the book, Smut: A Sex Industry Insider (and Concerned Father) Says Enough is Enough.
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Friday, April 29, 2005
Sorry folks, I am still kind of dysfunctional. Turning fifty and realizing that automatically makes me a member of AARP (not to mention that they are run by Dumbocrats and traitors by nature) is sobering to say the least. I still remember the days when I was the 'kid' on the block. The fact is that my medical problems have only gotten worse and it is painful to do simple physical activities any more. I find it difficult to be much of a mentor to the younger people that I have trained in the past. They have grown up and are moving on as it should be but I am stuck with filling out paperwork as I am forced to apply for a disability retirement before the inevitable slide into end of life issues. I have worked hard enough that I can at least enjoy some fruit of my labors and still be there for my family for now. Life is what you make of it and when time runs out I hope that each of you can face it with courage as you are thankful for what you have been so freely blessed with. Therin lies my dilemma and difficulty in posting something as painful yet real as it gets. My cardiac doc was having a frank discussion with me the other day and told me that guys like me have a tendency to suddenly drop dead. So if you quit hearing from me that is the most likely event. I know some trolls will be made happy by this news but that is OK because I know that I will be in a much better place and having the first laughs of the rest of my marvelous new life.
Monday, April 25, 2005
  Posting on my own blog
I am having my first case of writers block on my blog. I have been out and about making plenty of comments on my friends blogs and neglecting my own. I know that there is no lack of things to write about but also feel that better writers than I are covering most of them quite well as I enjoy reading. I have ideas that are only vaguely formed bubbling around and when life slows down a bit I am sure I will have plenty of well measured things to say. Time to get a bit of sleep because I have things to do. Goodnight/Morning and may God Bless each of you.
Sunday, April 10, 2005
  Sunday Sermon
Doug Giles says it just the way I like in this sermon. While I admired John Paul II there is still some much needed reform in the Catholic Church that would bless them and Christianity much more. Some of the most messed up people I know are liberal and non practicing Catholics but some of the best Christians I know are also Catholics. (another seeming paradox)

An Old School Pope or Progressive Dope?Doug Giles (archive)
April 9, 2005

According to some of my tightly wound theological buddies, as a Protestant Christian, I’m not supposed to say anything favorable about a Catholic, especially … a Pope. Oh well, I’ve got to give honor where honor is due, so pardon me, brethren, if I praise the former pontiff’s past achievements.

Even though I disagree with Catholicism’s soteriology, and from a fashion and function standpoint I don’t get their funky hats or the Elvis-like papal robes, or their elaborate walking sticks, I’ve got to admit that I appreciate John Paul II’s accomplishments for the human collective and his unwavering moral convictions in the face of amoral, bossy and prissy secularism.
Yeah … The Pope did what was right, and in his genteel, non-Doug-like way, let everyone know they could kiss his Polish posterior if they didn’t like what he stood for. And I personally dig that in a priest, pastor, pope or whatever you want to call a religious leader.
Why does this palpably appeal to me? Well, for one revoltingly obvious reason: namely, in many churches today, both Protestant and Catholic, we are inundated with no-guts, wind-testing, capitulating clerical slaves of public opinion who neither lead, follow, nor … get out of our way. I believe large portions of the pastorate today have become nicer than Christ and have forgotten the injunction in the scripture to take uncomfortable stands for righteousness when things begin to get twisted. John Paul II did just that. Check it out.
While many ministers were pulling lint from their navels, or embroiled in a scandal for trying to hump an altar boy, or chasing rich donors, or vacillating on the major issues, John Paul II was serious business. He didn’t ignore the societal nightmare that was communism; he didn’t waffle in his biblical stance on issues such as sexuality, marriage, abortion, infanticide, suicide and euthanasia. He didn’t mellow his mouth regarding the place of religion and religiously informed moral judgment in public life. Yes, the latest Pope was solid in his deep disregard for the “progressive” agenda.
Speaking of the progressives … There’s been a lot of chatter and blather from the loopy left about getting a more secularized pope, a Pope Lite. One who is not an old geezer with respect to his view of right and wrong. Y’know… maybe a metrosexual hip guy, in the vein of Ross on Friends, malleable in his beliefs and muddled in his worldview. One, unlike John Paul II, whom they can bend and stretch like Gumby to fit their licentious lives and liberal take on life.
I, on the other hand, would like to see the subsequent servant be a retro pope and sport the same holy moral nerve of the last pontiff. A veritable papal cowboy who is not indecisive and dithering regarding the verbum Dei, even in this decrepit day of overt ministerial wussification.
Yeah … I’d like to see the next pope keep an old school devotion to the Christ of the Bible, teach the word of God (as is), and maintain a traditional view of life, sex and marriage, not prostrate himself to the “progressives.”
I’d like to see the next Pope exchange his white robes for a black leather cape like Morpheus had in The Matrix and trade in the Popemobile for a Harley Fat Boy. At least on the weekends.
I’d like to see the Catholic Church let the next guy get married, as St. Paul said was a minister’s right, to a girl like Salma Hayek and have some kids. This in turn would, hopefully, cause thousands of other priests to follow that which is normal.
I’d like to see the next pope take that gold-plated shepherd’s staff and publicly pulverize any priest who has committed an act of pedophilia and then personally escort such a Judas Priest to the papal dungeon to a) be executed or b) be forgotten forever. Can I get an amen? Amen
I’d also like to see everyone leave the next pope the heck alone and not force him to be just a “nice guy”… like most ministers have been reduced to, but rather a truth dealer… a herald and defender of God’s word … who doesn’t give a flip about the feelings of the secular squabs.

My ClashPoint is this: John Paul II faced communist thugs, absorbed a would-be assassin’s bullet, and didn’t bat an eye when the world didn’t like his moral stances. And that’s the kind of holy chutzpah the Catholic Church needs to fill his now empty Chukka boots.
Pope John Paul II understood that a traditional, biblical worldview is the moral rudder that will keep us sailing in the new millennium. I just hope that the Catholic Church will yield up another leader who will fight that which is foul when in floats to the top of society and carry on John Paul II’s attitude and actions. Yes, we need, must have, an old school, JP II-like pope and not a progressive dope.
Doug Giles' provocative weekly one-hour radio program, 'The Clash', has re-launched with several new features. Go to and hit 'listen live.'
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