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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
  Adult Stem Cell treatment Over 200 Embryonic Zero
Since no one has taken me to task for the advertisement bar on my site I guess I will point out that Embryonic stem cells have never sucessfully treated anybody and that adult stem cells mostly obtained from umbilical cord blood have sucessfully been used in over two hundred and growing types of medical treatment. The only thing embryonic stem cells have done is caused is tumors and of course involve the destruction of human beings in the process. Those are the facts and I dare anyone to prove otherwise.
Update: Downloadable Fact Sheet:
Yes, the whole notion of embryonic stem-cell benefits is one of the biggest lies around. I think most of its proponents have close ties to the abortion movement.
Yep the Culture of Death killing a culture in your world soon. So far no challengers to my statement.
Embryonic stem-cell research is a classic ``eat the apple Eve, I promise you won`t regret it`` proposition; if America accepts the premise that unborn babies may be chopped up for spare parts because they are mere embryos, then America must accept abortion and euthenasia. It is impossible to argue against them once that Rubicon is crossed.

That it is a completely unnecessary step in regards to any benefits to be derived is the dirty little secret the Left and Media try to hide (just as Satan hid the truth of the apple from Eve.) It is, in short, a Sacrament, a partaking of the cup of blood. If America can be tricked into drinking from that cup then America will be wedded to the culture of death.

I`ve called these people Deathheads, and I see no reason to amend that nickname.
Great post.
Spot on.
Couldn't agree with you more, Al.
I've been foolin around with Google AdSense myself for a couple of weeks. It seems the only way I can make an ad change to a new one is to update my most recent post with a new one. Is that strange or what?
Yep Bullseye one of the reasons I have not updated for a bit if one of their ads is full of crap like the one about embryonic stem cell treatment it should be exposed for what it is.
Very well put. Thanks
I've been to this page a bunch of times and not left a here you are!
Just dropping by with a hug and hello. Happy Valentine's Day. The Lord bless you.
Thanks Vicki and a happy Valentines to all. I am nervous about my surgery scheduled for tomorrow. I even wrote out a simple will on my word processing program and put it on my desktop. Since my kidneys have begun to fail I take each day as a blessing from the Lord. I have been busy fixing up my house and am pretty much done except for a couple projects I do not have the money for. The replacement swamp cooler and back up generator are not too big a worry but they are on my to do list. If my health improves I even have some pro life volunteer work to look foward to. Shane the executive director for Arizona Right to Life would like to pump some life into the Yuma Chapter and I would love to help. Will I live? Tune in tommorrow on this same batty channel and I may just type something profound depending on how the medication takes me.
Hey Al,

Glad to see from Wes's blog that you survived your surgery. Praying for you! =)
Glad to hear you got through your surgery ok. Hope you get back to your normal self soon.
Normal? Vas iss Normal? Pain medication only makes me sleep better. Normal I have never been.
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