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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
  Surgery Finally Scheduled
I went to the oral surgeon's office today and paid seven hundred and twenty dollars cash toward my surgery. It is scheduled for the eighteenth of this month in the morning. It does not leave much money in my account but it is past due to be done and I can no longer wait for my back pay to show up if ever. My wife will get money from the insurance company of at least fifty percent of what I paid. She can use that to help make the mortgage payment and keep her account from being overdrawn unless another surprise emergency comes from Mark. He has cost the family budget at least nine hundred dollars in December alone and was the cause of another overdraft charge. Now his school loan collectors are demanding another four hundred to start a payment schedule for this month. My wife is beginning to understand just how costly it is supporting a lazy adult child who should have gotten a job months ago. (they are available especially in the Autocad Drafting field that his school loans paid for) One hell of a way to start the New Year but if I could not gripe here I might just explode and kill some poor fool who pissed me off. The lame brained libtard wondering what he did to get such a hostile response. I am pro life but as they say in Texas, "Some people just need killin." I try not to be the judge, jury and executioner but I am superbly trained for the executioner part. I found that to be very true in combat. Some of our better planned and accomplished ambushes were more like an execution than a fair fight. One of the first things you learn in combat is that a fair fight is not what you are looking for because that just gets your friends killed needlessly. As Patton said,"Make the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."
Good post, Al. I wish you much success in your upcoming oral surgery. I hope that goes off w/out a hitch. Take care of yourself, & keep hanging in there.
Doh! That last comment was me.
Good luck on your surgery, Al.

It has been my experience that nobody likes a dentist (or oral surgeon), and if you feel the need for killing, a dentist would be a viable target!

Just be sure he`s FINISHED with the proceedure, first. A good time would be when he presents his bill! :)

take care!
No way Tim. I paid in advance. I think of Oral surgeons as a nessesary 'evil'. They just want to make sure that they get paid. A most basic conservative position IMHO. So far dentists have done me more good than harm and I think a workman is always worthy of their hire. Now the idiot who did a drive by shoot at the Border Patrol Officer and I is the kind who needs killing. If only for being such a poor shot. ==evil grin==
I hope your sugery goes well.
Been there, done that....

There is a prayer being said for you.
So how did the surgery go? I'm sorry to hear about the son causing you problems. Might be time to push him out of the nest, especially if he has the capability to take care of himself with the training he got. I know it is tough to do because I've done it before, but the ones I did it to did come back and forgive me and say it was good for them. It sure isn't easy being a parent.
Love and shalom,
Hi Serena I really should try to update more. I got sick with the flu and the surgery had to be rescheduled because I was running a fever the day before the surgery. Looks like mid Febuary before I get my next try at it. I am staying busy with home projects so I think it is a blessing that it did get put off. Thanks for everyone's prayers.
I'd never heard that Patton quote before - that's awesome. I hope your surgery will go well. I'll probably have some of that in my future as well, once I visit the dentist for a check-up. I haven't been to the dentist since I was 9 or 10 years old.
So, how did the surgery go? I prayed for you and I know others were. You are obviously alive since you posted on my blog. So give us a report brother, okay?
Love and shalom,
Even with such a skilled surgeon it was a difficult and now painful process. I am using the darvocet left over from my wife's surgery because the hydrocodone was not working very well and gives me a terrific headache.
Thanks for letting us know, Al, also for posting it on my blog. I pray that you are soon feeling much better!
Love and shalom,
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