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Sunday, January 08, 2006
  Things the MSM Ignores
Hat tip to Jivin J. One of the best informed bloggers out there. More progress despite so called 'progressives'. These adult stem cells can reconstuct breast tissue that is removed by cancer and gives insights into how breast cancer keeps coming back in some cases. Too bad we have to get this news from the UK instead of our MSM. (not that I bother to read/ listen to them any more)

Stem cell discovery could help fight breast cancer By Roger Highfield Science Editor(Filed: 05/01/2006)

The ability to recreate breast cancer in the laboratory, understand why the cancer can recur in treated women and even grow replacement breast tissue could result from the discovery of a "mammary gland stem cell" reported today by scientists. The rest is at the link.
Interesting stuff. Just another in a long list of examples of benefits derived from adult stem-cells--which the MSM ignores, as you pointed out.
I thought liberals were called progressives because their ideas become progressively worse over time.
That daffynition works for me Amigo.Too bad liberals give progress such a bad name.
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