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Monday, February 27, 2006
  Celebration With a Pause That Renews
Change comes to everything or as the good book says, "To everything there is a season." I have gotten and mostly spent my back pay. I am an instant grandfather with the marriage of my son to the woman of his choosing who just happens to already have a son. The hard work of the wedding is done and the life of the new family has begun. God and his handiwork in my life continies to amaze and surprise me. Jaded older man that I am. May God always be praised in all that he does. May my smart, crazy and interesting friends I have made in the blogosphere continue share the richness of the information age. I am going to pack up this computer and put her in the shop for a beauty treatment. Or is that a better memory? I fergit. The same old evil grin shall return again and may the devil be sweating knowing that the heat of hell awaits he and his.
Congratulations on the new fmily.
May God always be praised in all that he does.

Amen, & Amen.

Hurry back, brother.
Thanks Nettie and Wes. It is good to have a much faster computer with plenty of RAM memory. It is good to be back even though this cold I caught while waiting is the pits. Back to my sick bed for now.
Hey Al! Congrats and blessings on your instant little family. God bless you all. I'm praying for you and wanted you to know. Hang in there. Thanks for your recent comments over at Windows. I'm still fighting pneumonia but doing better.
Congratulations, Al; may God shower His blessing down upon you and your family!
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