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Saturday, April 08, 2006
  Photobucket of Blood
A bucket of blood to any terrorist who wants to strap a bomb to themselves. May a two ounce lead FMJ find you at three thousand feet per second first.

Update I checked out the picture and the dead terrorist is an Iraqi. I like the fact that the guy who took the picture did such a good job of covering his tracks. I got this from Snopes. We have an unconfirmed report that the second photo depicts an insurgent killed in Mosul by the Iraqi National Guard on 8 December 2004. The dead man, we're told, had been one of seven enemy combatants (not suicide bombers) ordered to emerge unarmed from a mosque in that city. They resisted, and all were killed.
I also want people to know I would be proud to show this picture to my mother because I know my source for the picture of the dead Iraqi. My guys know how to stay anonymous and unconfirmed. The other picture at Snopes is some signal corps guy trying to take credit in Yugoslavia. I hope he can take the heat because he knows he did not make the shot. Soldiers are not allowed to take pictures of dead combatants. When they do they get into legal trouble unless only their family knows. ==evil grin==

This is a test post from
I remember this one. People who enjoy randomly blowing up innocent folks get what they deserve.
I hope you enjoy the update Wes. My spring of being offensive seems to be working.
My tummy doesn't handle gore very well anymore. But I must say I agree with you. If they are so intent on killing, let them begin with themselves.
I think I just about lost my dinner....
No problem Mike the terrorist lost his head.
Maybe we need to let the soldiers take pictures, so that America will understand that we are winning!
Give Michael Yon a shout he has some award winning pictures already. Most reporters are censored by their editors and the ideology of their editors. Although I must say that conservative editors have slapped Ann Coulter down a few times and I liked what she had to say because it was honest. I believe that converting muslims to Christianity would be the best thing for them. I do not mean do it by force but to put them on a level playing field where Christians are not outlawed. Converts are not put under a death sentence. The problem then is that we would have to kill enough muslims to make them realize we are serious.
Good to see this occasionally. It also sends a message to the enemy combatants that we can and do kill with lethality ! I believe that in the Iraqi constitution being a Christian is not a crime punishable by death.
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