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Monday, June 12, 2006
  Giving homo activists some things to think about
That they cannot answer honestly. Sorry about the wait I have been busy preparing for a trip.

Seven Things I Wish Pro-Gay People Would Admit
By Bob Davies Exodus International, an Ex-Gay Ministry
1. I wish they would admit that many people are not happy with their homosexuality or lesbianism, and that this conflict is internal, based on legitimate, intelligent religious and moral convictions--not just the result of a so-called "homophobic" society which is forcing guilt upon people who don't conform to a heterosexual ethic.
Stop throwing out the cheap, inaccurate labels like "internalized homophobia" to explain our motivations.
2. I wish they would acknowledge that homosexuals and lesbians can experience significant change in their sexual feelings and desires, even though they may never be totally heterosexual in their sexual thoughts and feelings.
Be honest enough to admit that such change is significant and genuine, even if it isn't complete.
3. I wish they would acknowledge that many former homosexuals and lesbians have found a greater measure of peace and satisfaction after leaving a gay or lesbian lifestyle than they ever experienced while embracing homosexuality.
Not all "ex-gays" are miserable, plotting how to secretly fulfill their homosexual lusts without being caught.
4. I wish they would acknowledge that many former homosexuals and lesbians have genuine joy in their marriages.
Most former gays and lesbians don't get married in a futile attempt to "escape" homosexuality; they marry as a natural consequence of resolving that issue in their lives.
5. I wish they would acknowledge that all people have as much right to pursue a heterosexual lifestyle as they do to pursue homosexuality.
Former homosexuals and lesbians should not be harassed and castigated by the gay community. But I have never heard any gay or lesbian leaders speak out against the violence (such as bomb threats and physical/verbal abuse) which some people perpetuate against Exodus ministries.
6. I wish they would stop equating our decision to leave homosexuality with "hatred" and "bigotry" against gays and lesbians.
We don't hate gays; we simply desire to live free of homosexuality. Don't put nasty labels upon our motives. That's being judgmental and unfair.
7. I wish pro-gay religious leaders would admit that their endorsement and promotion of monogamous homosexual relationships is a facade.
Many--probably most--men and women involved in long-term partnerships are not sexually monogamous, but gay churches don't discipline members for committing "adultery" outside their "gay marriage." Neither do they discipline gays or lesbians who have sex before entering into a "holy union" with their partner.
Bob Davies is past President of Exodus International and an ex-gay himself. He has been married for nine years.
(Used by permission of the Exodus Standard, P.O. Box 77652, Seattle, WA, 98177.)
Good stuff, Al. I'm glad he found Christ, & came out of that lifestyle.

In a short span of words, he's demonstrated the utter intellectual & moral depravity of the pro-homosexual movement.
The gay movement can never back down. Their behavior must be justified or more would turn away.
Excellent, particularly nubmer five.
If they admit that other people can successfully leave the homosexual lifestyle, they would have to face the realization that they could leave it too, if they chose.
Sorry about the lack of writing but I find my life in transition right now. I have reviewed and mostly I work with admiring what others have researched and have to say. I am slowly coming out of my self imposed shell. When I do I hope to put it down in writing. In the meantime I have really been busy with volunteer work. I find that as people get to know me that my services are more in demand. I have been scanning some old pictures into the computer and may share some with some that I trust. I will keep ya posted you few who still drop by.
your profile pic is great. you should check out they make a shirt with that assholes brain's blown out all over the pavement.
So true, so true! When they point the finger at the ex-gay, they have 3 more pointing back at themselves. It is amazing how those who take that kind of mindset can be judgmental, etc, and it is okay, but if someone comes out of something they hated being in such as homosexuality, they are the ones labeled as judgmental. This world has got so topsy-turvy!

Love and shalom,
Hope everything is going well for you Alnot!
Merry Christmas to you & the family, Al. God's blessings on all of you.
Merry Christmas Al and best wishes for the new year.
Al, Please let me know when you start blogging again!

Happy New Year!
Rectal bleeding - do they ever admit to THAT?

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